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If you have ever visited a hospital, you are familiar with the process of filing in your insurance information. The guess is that you just know that the information is required to pay your bills. After that, you have no idea what happens. Read more about edi healthcare at this link to get started.


Have you ever asked yourself a question about what happens when you give out your information? If not, then this article will try and explain the crucial steps. The medical claims processing is a process where you give out the insurance information to the hospital and the hospital then forwards the bill to the insurance company.


The process is not that straightforward as this information has to go through a medical billing clearinghouse. The medical billing clearinghouse is an intermediate company that helps to check the claim from the hospital for errors. The company helps to reduce the amount of time that might be taken for the claim to be settled. 


The claim is then processed by the clearinghouse and if there are no errors, it is then forwarded to the payer, which is the insurance company. However, there may arise some scenarios where the claim can still be forwarded to another clearinghouse. This scenario may be caused by either one of the two cases; the claim is not compatible with the software of the payer, or the payer uses a different clearinghouse from the provider. 


Whichever the case, the claim may be subjected to delay since the information has to go through several clearinghouses. The provider is supposed to be aware of this and work things out.


There are many companies that provide the claim clearing services. These are the companies that help the two industries to come together without any glitches. Apex EDI is one of these companies. 


Apex EDI was formed in 1995 and has been helping both the dental and medical service to process their electronic insurance claims. The company is regarded as one of the best in this line of work. It has managed to bridge the gap between these two industries and has contributed to more people settling their medical bills through insurance.


It is loved by many because of its combination of the flexible technology with superior services in processing the claim. It is located in Utah and has been very influential in helping the hospitals of this area to process their claim without any worries. Apex EDI has proven to be unique and effective to what it does. Visit to find more details.